The Summer Bag Company

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Now incorporating SoxtrotUK for funky fun colourful socks, knee hi and ankle.



Just treated my two girls to a bag each for the summer. Great value. Now all we need to complete the dazzling display is the sun!

                                                          Vanessa Sheppard - (self confessed shopaholic!)


' They are so light bright and fun and you can get so much in them too!

 Great to take on a shoot.'                 Tracey Bailey - Model    



' I have a large extended family, mostly girls, and have found all eight of them

  presents from The Summer Bag Company, because the variety of colours and    

  styles is amazing.'                            Evelyn Faber  



' I love the plain coloured ones.They're so elegant especially for  evenings.'

                                                           Jenny Burgoyne  


' My present shopping has been sorted. Four girls, fours bags! Thanks to The

 Summer Bag Company.'                   Campbell Ross  


'Thank you so much for my beautiful bag!!! I have taken it everywhere and it has  

 been much admired. Absolutely love it.'     Phoebe Hobby  

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